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Libro ebook Us and the the southern border of Mexico, Amelia Acosta Leon
Categorías: Contemporary novel
Idioma: Inglés
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: 4 (4)
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Año de edición: 2014
Tamaño: 0 Mb
ISBN: 9781463378660
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: 11,55 (11,55)
ISBN: 9781463378677
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Breve descripción de Us and the the southern border of Mexico

This book is a progressive work in the effort of revealing what is happening in a small part of a shared territory, where despite the government's progress in creating legal frameworks, in addition to the aid and support granted by many national and international humanitarian organizations to migrants, time seems to have grinded to a halt. The phenomenon remains persistent. The floating population increases day by day. The modalities of snaring migrants have become diversified and more aggressive; but questions arise: is there a limit to human suffering? Would you give the victims in their interrelationships, human suffering, the minimum ethical conceptualization, even when you know immorality dwells inside some of their homes? Would life still make sense to them? What happened to the individual and collective moral conscience of policymakers? This is a narrative wherein, while in principle reflects reality, the author used her knowledge of the context and extraordinary imagination to give life to an unprecedented work.

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