U. Valencia
Libro ebook Neomedievalism, Jorge Majfud
Subtitle Reflections on the Post-Enlightenment Era
Author: Jorge Majfud
Publisher: U. Valencia
Categories: Literary essays
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2018
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ISBN: 9788491343172

Synopsis of Neomedievalism

Jorge Majfud reflects once again on the economic, political, and cultural realities of recent years, with «an outsider s view from the center»: the culture of masks of the United States' cultural industries and national unconscious, the hyper-fragmentation of the contemporary individual, the construction of reality through social narratives, the narrative dictated by the major social powers of money and the social castes who have taken us steadily toward a new form of feudalism, one no longer based on ownership of the land but of finance capital. In all of the essays that comprise this book, one can see the urgency of responding to the historical moment, to the specific events that have occurred over the past two decades, but with an unflinching effort to contextualize events within their greater historical framework. Because, as the author asserts, forgetting is one of the principal weapons of moral, social, and, ultimately, military violence.

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