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Subtitle The New Global Jihadist Phenomenon
Author: Luis Tomé
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Synopsis of Islamic State

Despite international efforts to contain, fight and delegitimise it, the self-proclaimed Islamic State - a terrorist jihadist entity also known for its previous designations ISIL/ISIS or DAESH - not only has consolidated characteristics as a de facto State, but has also expanded far beyond Syria and Iraq. In fact, the IS has become one of the most disturbing threats to international security in recent years, rivalling with al-Qaeda (AQ) as the leader of global jihadism. How did this phenomenon emerge and evolve? How can we characterise the IS in terms of its goals, ideology, structure, governance, military and financial capabilities, propaganda, and recruitment procedures? Which groups have sided with the IS around the world? What strategies and legislation have been developed to contain and fight the IS? What are the dilemmas involving jihadist Internet use, and what is the balance between security and freedom? And what is the meaning of the IS s rise for our societies and also of so many actors involved in fighting it to the regional geopolitical chessboard? These are some of the questions addressed in this book through nine essays written by a transnational team of some of the most prominent experts from Portugal, Italy and Turkey. So as to ensure a variety of topics related to this new global jihadist phenomenon, the book has relatively short and concise chapters, albeit containing in-depth and well-informed views from eight scholars and two journalists.

About Luis Tomé, author of Islamic State

Professor Associado na Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL) - Departamento de Relações Internacionais, desde 1995 e Professor Convidado do Instituto de Estudos Superiores Militares (IESM), do Instituto da Defesa Nacional (IDN) e da Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara-Turquia. Desde 2010, é Coordenador Científico do OBSERVARE - Observatório de Relações Exteriores da UAL, onde coordena também a linha de investigação Estudos de Segurança, da Paz e da Guerra . É ainda Director Adjunto do Anuário Janus e da revista científica, e-journal of international relations. O Prof. Luis Tomé foi Investigador da NATO elaborando o relatório Russia and NATO s Enlargement (2000) - e Assessor do Vice-Presidente do Parlamento Europeu, José Pacheco Pereira, durante a legislatura 1999-2004. Foi ainda Professor Convidado no Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e da Administração de Aveiro e na Universidade de Coimbra. Em 2005, visitou os EUA a convite do Departamento de Estado no âmbito do International Visitor Leadership Program.

Table of Contents of Islamic State

Introduction Luis Tomé 1. The Islamic State: An unpleasant rise of a violent de facto state from a regional non-state actor to future global caliphate Hüseyin Bagci and Hasan Hilmi Gullu 2. DAESH on the spectrum of global jihadism Felipe Pathé Duarte 3. The international expansion of the self-proclaimed Caliphate Luis Tomé 4. Jihadists, the web and the issue of religious authority Elisa Giunchi 5. New technologies, fight against terrorism and fundamental rights: Internet and freedom Mario Losano 6. Strategies to counter the Islamic State Luís Valença Pinto 7. The legal dimension of the terrorist phenomenon - general considerations Alice Feiteira 8. The case of the Portuguese jihadists Hugo Franco and Raquel Moleiro Final Remarks A global threat to fight in a very sensitive geopolitical chessboard Luis Tomé

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