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The media are at the end of a cycle and at the beginning of a new model that is still unpredictable. For decades, the industry enjoyed solid profits, a certain tranquility and clear rules. The presence of high barriers to entry hindered the progress of competitors and several key markets were, in fact, oligopolies. This book tells how a stable industry was buffeted by winds that seriously threatened its essential pillars. Free access and Internet development caused a dramatic drop of the value of the contents. The public could often find information and entertainment at no cost, therefore beginning to move away from the media that were poorly differentiated and predictable in terms of subjects and approaches. The authors do not restrict themselves to writing a chronicle of those transformations: they deepen the causes and propose solutions. In their view, companies in the sector have lacked the discipline necessary to keep pace with innovation, adapt to change and make learning a constant and priority activity. The industry needs better leaders, managers with vision, who can take risks and break the monotonous cycle of systematic imitation of success formulas that already belong to the past.

Table of Contents of INNOVATION IN THE MEDIA

Prologue Introduction 1. The singularity of media companies ·Six types of audiences ·Content for all citizens ·The management of intangible goods ·Fostering creativity ·Financial risks ·No entry barriers ·Uncertainty and leadership 2. Innovation and creativity ·Creativity, the base for innovation ·Talent, creativity and business ·An ailing industry ·Innovation and creative ideas ·Innovation and entrepreneurs ·Satisfying consumers and employees ·Innovation and optimism tabernero.indd 7 13/10/2014 22:27:10 3. Possibilities for innovation ·The need for a mental revolution ·Innovation in management, operations and products ·Innovation in marketing and communication ·Innovation models ·Innovation with corporate social responsibility 4. The favourable environment for innovative ideas ·Organizations that waste their potential ·Auspicious contexts to innovate ·Mobilising the employees ·Innovative newspapers and magazines ·Integration of online and offline environments ·Good ideas need good managers 5. To innovate reading the changes ·Resistance to change ·Thinking like the consumers ·Learning from the social networks ·Complacency is lethal ·Trapped by the logic of competition ·Value creation ·To stop learning is the beginning of the end 6. The moral nature of leadership ·How does a leader arise? ·Authority and confidence ·Leadership and mission ·The charm of immediate profits

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