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José Ramírez
Diamonds or Rocks is about the awareness of your inner self because that is where we find the balance of our lives, and that is also where the origin of most of our problems is found. As kids we were...
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Us and the the southern border of Mexico
Amelia Acosta Leon
This book is a progressive work in the effort of revealing what is happening in a small part of a shared territory, where despite the government's progress in creating legal frameworks, in addition...
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Mystical Dreamers
Luis Harss
Mystical Dreamers collects two of Luis Harss's best-loved novels: Lonesome Twosome, a tragic war story told by a young girl in search of her father, and Messenger Pigeons, a tale of immigrants with...
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Why am I not Happy?
Dr. Wanda I. Bonet-Gascot

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Trails of Life
Marianela Ureña
"The small space where your soul communicates with your inner dialogue... To let your imagination fly, that magical moment where the letters guess your emotions, where you mourn as desired, to...
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When The Leaves Come Falling Down
Nicolás Ramos López

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Seeds of Consciousness
María Cristina Preciado Delgadillo
Today I want to share with you my experience in life, hoping it will help remind how wonderful you are. You came to the world to be happy, it is your birthright. If your life is perfect, if you are...
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The Original Energy Theory
Elier Eng
The Original Energy Theory; Photogenesis In this book the author Elier Eng addresses the most controversial question of humanity: The origin of the universe and the origin of life. Elier Eng...
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