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Libro ebook In essence Economy is about life!, Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg
Subtítulo : Relationships as guiding principles for a new economy
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Much of the popular debate on the economy is increasingly focusing on the fact that economics is not just about money. There is a growing realization that no economy can be sustainable if it is only about wealth, finance and profits. This publication: In essence, economy is about life!, gives the perspective of two Dutch professors in economics. The message of this publication is essential to how we are dealing with the aftermath of the economic and financial crises. Both authors conclude that the essence of economics is relationships. Money is nothing more than debt and debt is always about a relationship between persons or parties. The primary focus on money will anonymize and technologize relationships. Admitting that relationships are the core of economics is important for a healthy future of our economic and financial systems. People will be more prepared to risk-take if there is more trust. In the end this will also result in economic benefits.

In essence Economy is about life! obra de Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg

Prof. dr. Dirk Bezemer is Professor of Economics of International Financial Development at the University of Groningen. He holds a PhD in economics (Amsterdam, 20001) and two MSc degrees (Wageningen, 1995). He was a researcher at Imperial College (Univ. London) and worked on development economics issues in policy advice and in the UK civil service before joining the University of Groningen.

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