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Libro ebook FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide, Prakash Rao, Dr. Ann Reedy,, Beryl Bellman,
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Synopsis of FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide

The best fully integrated study system available

Filled with practice questions, examples, and illustrations, FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide covers what you need to know and shows you how to prepare for this challenging exam.

100% complete coverage of all   official objectives for the FEAC CEA exam
Modeling techniques for enterprise architecture implementations
Enterprise architecture case study: Richard M. Nixon Airport
Simulated exam questions that match the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam
Covers all the exam   topics, including:
Enterprise Architecute Concepts * Planning, Implementating, and Disseminating the EA * Maintaining, Governing,   and Using the EA * All Viewpoint * Strategic/Capability Viewpoint * Porject Viewpoint * Operational Viewpoint * Systems Viewpoint * Services Viewpoint * Data and Information Viewpoint * Technology and Standards Viewpoint * EA in Government, Defense, and the Commercial Sector * EA Tools and Repositories

CD-ROM includes:

CEA-oriented practicums
Practice exams for the FEAC FEAF and DoDAF programs and a   list of study questions
Major documentation for the FEAF and DoDAF programs
E-book for studying on the   go
Prakash Rao, MS, CEA, is chief architect at Metadata Management Corporation. He teaches Enterprise Architecture at the FEAC Institute.

Ann Reedy, Ph.D., worked on the development and editing of the early version of the DoD Architecture Framework at MITRE and teaches DoD Architecture Framework for the FEAC Institute.

Beryl Bellman, Ph.D., is co-founder and academic director of the FEAC Institute and a tenured full professor of Communication Studies at California State University at Los Angeles. He has more than 25 years' consulting experience in the EA field.

Table of Contents of FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide

Part I: Foundation Concepts
Chapter 1 Why EA and Why This Book
Chapter 2 Enterprise Architecture Concepts
Chapter 3 Enterprise Architecting
Part II: Architecture Development & Use
Chapter 1 The Importance of Culture
Chapter 2 Planning the EA
Chapter 3 Implementing the Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 4 Disseminating the Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 5 Maintaining the Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 6 Governing the Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 7 Using the EA
Part III: Viewpoints and Models
Chapter 1 Introduction to Viewpoints and Models
Chapter 2 All Viewpoint
Chapter 3 Strategic/Capability Viewpoint
Chapter 4 Project Viewpoint
Chapter 5 Operational Viewpoint
Chapter 6 Systems Viewpoint
Chapter 7 Services Viewpoint
Chapter 8 Data and Information Viewpoint
Chapter 9 Technology and Standards Viewpoint
Part IV: EA Examples
Chapter 1 EA In Government
Chapter 2 Enterprise Architecting in Defense
Chapter 3 Enterprise Architecture and the Commerical Sector
Part V: Resources
Chapter 1 EA Tools and Repositories
Chapter 2 A Case Study: Richard M. Nixon International Airport, CA
Chapter 3 References

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