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Libro ebook Ethics DeMYSTiFieD : Hard Stuff Made Easy, Newman Micah
Author: Newman Micah
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2011
Pages 261
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ISBN: 0000071762752

Synopsis of Ethics DeMYSTiFieD : Hard Stuff Made Easy

This step-by-step approach untangles the complexities of ethics for readers studying in a course or on their own

Table of Contents of Ethics DeMYSTiFieD : Hard Stuff Made Easy

Part One: What Philosophy is and How to do it; Ch 1: Philosophy: the Intellectual Pursuit and Social Activity; Ch 2: Logic and Arguments in Philosophy; Ch 3: Writing Philosophy Essays; Part Two: Ethical Theory; Ch 4: Value Theory: What Matters; Ch 5: Metaethics: What Kinds of Things are Ethical Facts and Judgments; Ch 6: Normative Ethics: What Constitutes a Right Action; Part Three: Applied Ethics; Ch 7: Civil Liberties; Ch 8: Torture; Ch 9: Capital Punishment; Ch 10: Abortion; Ch 11: Euthanasia; Ch 12: Affirmative Action; Ch 13: World Hunger; Ch 14: Animal Rights; Ch 15: Business Ethics

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