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Libro ebook Confederal Europe 2, David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter
Subtitle A Political and Societal view for Stakeholder Nations
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Synopsis of Confederal Europe 2

The Confederal Europe project provides a coherent foundation for a new EU institutional settlement, consistent with EU s shared Christian heritage and the vision of the Treaty of Rome, and supporting the principles of conferral, subsidiarity, and coordinated policies. The project builds on a foundation of Relational Thinking first established by Michael Schluter and David Lee in 1993. This holds that the key element in any political, economic or social system is the quality of the relationships that hold it together. Across the EU, these are largely overlooked. In particular, the relationships embedded in institutions, which dictate the terms on which large international stakeholder groups (investors, savers, employees, boards of directors, voters, governments) relate to one another, are often set up in such a way as to allow or even stimulate irresponsibility, disconnection, injustice, conflict and abuse. This publication follows the concept as described in the previous publication: A relational Plan for Europe . Confederal Europe: Strong Nations, Strong Union (ISBN: 978-94-92697-00-4) is available in the Sallux Publishing Bookstore. Confederal Europe Platform To make this alternative known to the people of Europe we created the Confederal Europe Platform, multi-lingual website with information, events, downloads about Confederal Europe in many different languages.

About David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter, author of Confederal Europe 2

David John Lee read geography at Oxford University before going to Canada to study theology and taking up a career in writing. He has authored or co-authored several books, including The R Factor (1993) and The Relational Manager (2009), and written position papers on Relational Thinking and Relational Risk. He is also co-originator of the Relational Proximity® Framework. Resident for many years in France, he currently holds the position of Content and Conceptual Director for a major international leadership training group.

Table of Contents of Confederal Europe 2

CONTENTS Confederal Europe Executive Summary 7 What defines a good relationship in the EU? 13 Why the EU s key problem is that of failing institutional relationships 17 How is Relational Thinking different from Western liberalism? 23 Does Relational Thinking have European roots? 27 What might a confederal EU look like? 31 Conclusion 45

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